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Simple Classification of Double Aluminum Packaging Machine

Date:[2016-12-22] Hits:

ouble aluminum packaging machine according to the location of the different packaging materials, sub-level double-aluminum packaging machine and vertical double aluminum packaging machine. Double aluminum packaging machine is the packaging is placed horizontally; vertical double aluminum packaging machine is the packaging is placed vertically. Double aluminum packaging machines are more common in the market. A wide range of dual-aluminum packaging machine, a lot of classification methods.

     From a different point of view can have a variety, according to double-aluminum packaging machine type is divided into: liquid packaging machine, powder packaging machine, particle packaging machine, body packaging machine, sauce packaging machine, electronic combination of packaging machine, pillow Packaging machine; according to the role of packaging, there are internal packaging, packaging machine; according to the packaging industry, food, daily chemicals, textiles and other packaging machines; according to the packaging station, single station, According to the degree of automation points, a semi-automatic, automatic packaging machines.

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