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Installation and Precautions of Aluminum - plastic Packaging Machine

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Aluminum plastic packaging machine is mainly used for packaging capsules, tablets, capsules, suppositories and other solid drugs, using the form of heating, is the smallest of the most advanced models at home and abroad. This machine is suitable for capsules, plain tablets, sugar coating, capsules, injections, contours and so on, as well as medical devices, light food, electronic components and blister packing.

Plastic packaging machine installation and precautions:

1, do not install, under the seat of a rubber wheel, .

2, full-time staff training, maintenance.

3, should be designated according to the location of the ground plate access ground.

4, the machine should be kept clean.

5, the machine must be refueling before the various parts.

6, the machine factory strap strap lubricants, must be refueling before production.

7, the proposed best use of the machine oil-free air compressor.

8, molding, heat sealing, indentation and other parts of the pressure should not be too large, or affect the service life. Forming indentation of the type of pad should be left about a millimeter of leeway.

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