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The daily operation knowledge of aluminum - plastic packaging machine

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Aluminum plastic packaging machine in the daily operation of knowledge, for the operation must understand the structure of the machine principle, by the cam drive jack block wheel, up and down stroke, fixed position die cover die, blister bad state, note the next mold or Heat sealing to the top dead center, tighten the column nut, do not pay attention to the words prone to failure, the mandrel block needle roller needle killed phenomenon, remove the method.

If the heat sealing bad, generally should be the temperature, the general should be the temperature, the pressure is slightly lower, adjust the temperature, most of the temperature, or even the temperature, the pressure is too low, Adjust the pressure on the spool. Due to increase the weight of drugs, aluminum foil tension and the process of gradual change in temperature of the machine range, may lead to forming and heat sealing is not synchronized, lead or lag, first check whether the plastic PVC and aluminum foil vaginal, and then machine fine-tuning institutions. Fine-tuning mechanism in the mold forward and backward, because of its adjustment distance or box before and after the adjustment. So before the boot should be placed in a neutral position, can move forward and backward, can also be used to move the box before the adjustment, the correct move, the forum to finish after a dozen versions of the right, so not done, do not Chaos tune to transfer to.

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