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On the assembly line and the external packaging

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Packaging machinery widely used: the current market: food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, light industry are in use (machinery industry is relatively small). Simply put, the packaging machine is the product packaging machine, plays the role of protection, aesthetics.

Packaging machine is divided into two main areas:

1. Pipelined overall production packaging.

Pipeline balance has long been a concern in the production organization, and plays a key role in the normal operation of production processes. In the assembly line, there are many operations, the completion of some processes exist in the order, while others do not exist in the order. The benefits of the process arrangement on the production line depend on the ability to divide the required work into a series of units which can be quickly and routinely carried out by skilled workers and specialized equipment. Most of the processing time is so short that it is impractical to assign only one job to each worker.

Conversely, work often consists of easy-to-manage groups that are distributed to one or two operators. The significance of the pipeline balance is that this work is assigned to the process of decision-making process, through the human, assembly lines, machinery and equipment and the proper allocation of tasks, so that the whole water production line to achieve a state of balance.

2. Peripheral packaging equipment products.

For production after the product, spray (hit) production date, sealing, shrink film and so on

Mainly include: filling machine, sealing machine, Pen Maji, Da Baoji, vacuum machines, shrinking machines, vacuum packaging machines.

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