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Double aluminum packaging machine

NSL-260-B multi-function automatic double aluminum packaging machine

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  NSL-260-B multi-function automatic double aluminum packaging machine  

First, performance and characteristics:

NSL-260-B multi-function automatic double-aluminum packaging machine is our company in the import of equipment on the basis of innovative design, in 2008 through the provincial-level new product technology appraisal, with advanced structure, high efficiency, low noise, Convenient and so on. It can be set up automatically with frequency conversion and speed control, the stroke can be arbitrarily set. It is equipped with vibrating whole feeding mechanism, with photoelectricity monitoring device and automatic counting. The filling, sealing, cutting, run. For the pharmaceutical industry, tablets, capsules and electronic components such as bulk items of packaging, can play a good seal and the role of dark.

The machine shell is made of stainless steel plate by molding welding, the whole design is reasonable; and the machines are equipped with "GMP" requirements specified in the security operation to protect the PC board door cover; enhanced product aesthetics and practicality.

The entire device with a programmable controller and programmable touch screen control of the action points, so there are clothes or unclotted tablets and capsules to fully automatic control process to fill the layer of aluminum foil package material within the ion of drug strip, The number of (the direction of the length of the board) can be based on your requirements at any time in the touch screen to achieve; any set and change without worrying about the replacement of packaging specifications, the variety brought to be replaced a variety of gears, cam trouble.

Heat sealing mold temperature control, the use of imported assembly with PID control temperature controller control. At the same time temperature measurement using imported parts assembled PT100 roller surface temperature measurement; on the one hand to ensure the heat sealing surface temperature is absolutely stable and reliable, on the other hand also directly improve the heat sealing plate sealing.

Host speed Stepless speed control with frequency converter. As the machine uses a programmable controller control, the machine drive structure is simple, easy maintenance. In addition the machine is equipped with a heat sealing with easy to tear edge cutting device; drug plate heat sealing clear and beautiful.

Packing machine to fight batch mode I can provide two ways to choose: one for the use of special-shaped steel word code to play hard print, drug board to leave no textured batch number. First batch number imprinted on the package material, into the heat sealing mold, imprinting on the package material on the batch number just aligned on the mold reserved for the reticulate lot number. Another way is basically the same as with the above-mentioned imports of solid ink roller printed on the package material on the mold and the board are not left on the lot bit.


Second, the main technical parameters:

Production capacity: 7.2-12 million / hourMaximum punching frequency: 30 to 60 beats / min
Maximum package size: 260 × arbitrary set mmMain motor power: 0.75KW
Coil (foil) Max. Diameter: 250 mmHeating power: 3KW
Dimensions(L × W × H):1550×800×1800 mmCompressed air: 0.5Mpa
Packing box size(L × W × H):1650×950 × 2000mmTotal Weight:1100 kg
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