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JNC-260P High Speed Cartoning Machine for Bottle

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  JNC-260P High Speed Cartoning Machine for Bottle  

JNC-260P Automatic High Speed Continuous Cartoning Machine is new model which innovation design base on bringing in foreign advanced technology, also strictly according to pharmaceutical industry “GMP “standard to manufacture. With high efficiency, high performance production capacity, leaflet folding and conveying, carton opening and forming, posterior pushing structure and related technology all reach Europe and USA standards; Simple design and posterior continuous pushing structure makes  operation and maintenance more convenient; three equal rotation opening carton and under twice pre-forming device to ensure that carton open and form completely.

This model is automatic high speed continuous cartoning machine which is high performance product incorporates pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanic. It suitable for automatic inserting ALU-PVC blister, bottle, soft tube, soft AL/AL strips and pouch into carton, also can link to matching machine to form production line.

Functions and Options

1.No product no suck leaflet, no leaflet no suck carton.

2.Less load or no load product from magazine, machine empty run, product pushing missing, machine stop with alarm.

3.No suck leaflet continuous many times, machine automatic stop.

4.Compress air and vacuum negative pressure too low, machine stop with alarm.

5.Posterior pusher make operating more convenient.

6.Quick and easy changeover product different size by handwheel though dial plate scale.

7.Main drive with overload protection device.

8.Servo drive loading system.

9.Electrical and pneumatic components are famous international brand.

10.Automatic display speed, fault alarm and counter on touch screen.

260cartons/minGrammageBetween 250-350g/㎡
Size range(L×W)(80-250)mm×(90-170)mm
Fold range(L×W)【1-4】fold
Compressed AirCompressed Air Pressure≥0.6mpa
Air consumption160-200L/min
Standard power supply380V 50HZ
Power consumption in KW5kw
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