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Cartoning Machine

JNC-120D Automatic Cartoning Machine

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  JNC-120D Automatic Cartoning Machine  

Automatic Cartoner Machine is suitable for inserting blisters,bottles,vials,tube,ointment,sachets,injections,cosmetis,condom,ampoules,plow-wrapped products,soap components,automotive parts,hardware,frozen food,milk powder bag,cereal bag, pharmaceutical products into carton in a range. It is high technology product incorporates of pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanic.Automatic Cartoner Machine finished running by a series of photo-electro controller to make the machine stability and guarantee the packing quality. It includes 1to 4folds leaflet automatic folding, cantons in suction and open, products and leaflet put into, printing batch number, sealing or option hot-glue device. The machine can be single used or linked with Filling Machine, Blister Packing Machine, Shrink Machine, Three Dimensional Packaging Machine, etc to form a production chain.


1.International famous brand of electric components such for PLC touch screen, frequency inverters, etc.

2.Adopt human-machine operation system.

3.Automatically displaying device for trouble, speed and finished products counting

4.Machine running without pressing if no products or incorrect position of products. And stopping automatically if incorrect position of product into carton after return or no cartons or out of leaflets continuous.

5.No products not suction leaflet, no leaflet not suction carton .

6.Automatic detection and rejection device for lacking blister goods and leaflets.

7.Protecting automatically for overloading.

8.stable performance , operation is easy.

Encasing speed30-80boxes/min
BoxQuality requirement300-350g/㎡
Dimension range(L×W×H)(70-180)mm×(35-85)mm×(15-40)mm
LeafletQuality requirement60-70g/㎡
Unfolded leaflet specification(L×W)(80-250)mm×(90-170)mm
Fold range(L×W)【1-4】Fold
Compressed airWorking pressure≥0.6mpa
Air consumption120-160L/min
Power220V  50HZ
Motor power1.10kw
Machine dimension(L×W×H)4200mm×1050mm×1600mm
Machine weight1600kg
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