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Blister Card Packing Machine

JP-300D Automatic Blister Card Packing Machine

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  JP-300D Automatic Blister Card Packing Machine  

Product Description

JP-300D series blister card packing machine is the new equipment which is developed by our technical department based on the mature technology from pharmaceutical packing machinery of more than ten years, and absorbing the working principle of similar machine at home and abroad. It has the feature of advanced technology, complete function, reasonable working process, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.

Working process

PVC unreeling →PVC heating →blister tray forming →servo drawing →blister tray cutting →PVC waste edge reeling →blister tray delivery and transferring →product feeding →automatic card feeding →heat sealing →final product output

Machine application

This machine is suitable for the blister card packing of battery, stationery, food, medical equipment, toys, hard ward, electronics, auto parts, daily use product, cosmetic etc, such as the injector, solid gum, toy car, scissor, flashlight, battery, spark Plug, lip stick, hook, shaver, pencil etc.

Main features

A.Mechanical transmission, servo motor driving, encoder control, reasonable Structure, easy operation.

B.Rotating table type heat sealing which will improve the sealing result, reduce the mould expense and help to change the mould conveniently.

C.304 stainless steel frame, beautiful appearance, convenient for cleaning.

D.PLC control system, frequency speed adjust, which will help to reduce the noise And improve the running stability of the machine.

E.Photoelectrical control, auto detection.

F.Separated card feeder, which will reduce the labor force.

G.The whole machine is separately designed, it is convenient to delivery with lift.

H.To design the mould and auto feeding method according to the product shape. 

Technical Parameters

Maximum size of card300×150mm( can be customized according to the demand of customer)
Maximum size of PVC300×150mm( can be customized according to the demand of customer)
Cutting frequency15-35 times/ minute
Travel range40-150mm
Air pressure0.5-0.8Mpa
Air flow≥0.5m³/min
Total power380V  50Hz  10.5KW
Main motor power1.5KW
Overall dimension2960×2040×1900mm(L×W×H)
Machine weight1500kg
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