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Effervescent tablets packaging machine

Effervescent tablet packing machine

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  Effervescent tablet packing machine  

product overview

Effervescent packaging machine is the integrated domestic and foreign aluminum-plastic packaging machine for the innovative design of the key parts of the machine using my company a number of innovative technologies, and pharmaceutical contact with stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy material production , Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, health care industry packaging plain tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, can also be packaged small pieces of food and metal parts, electronic components. The machine integrates ten functions, such as uncoiling, aluminum-plastic (aluminum-aluminum) feeding, blister molding, filling, waste recycling, heat sealing, printing batch number, reticulate indentation, plate punching, finished product counting, packaging items sealed good, safe and sanitary.

The machine is the technical improvement of our pharmaceutical packaging and the implementation of GMp production equipment, the products have been exported to major pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad and large and medium-sized hospitals, and exports more than 20 countries and regions, favored by customers. And to praise.

performance characteristics

1. Variable frequency stepless speed regulation;

2. Adjustable stroke, adjustable range of 40-140mm, easy adjustment, synchronization and accurate;

3. Using plate mold, positive pressure forming, batch number, indentation tangent, aluminum foil / aluminum aluminum automatic waste winding;

4. Equipped with a universal feeder, the filling rate of up to 99.5% or more, the feeder can be equipped with a vacuum interface to eliminate the kinds of feed in the ion of the dust problem;

5. The use of the version of anastomosis heating, the heat loss of the heater to a minimum, the heater greatly reduced the required temperature;

6. The machine is small, light weight, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance and so on.

Technical parameters

Blanking frequency15-45 times / min
Stroke adjustable range40-140mm (adjustable)
Maximum molding area160 x 120 mm
Maximum molding depth25mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
main motor power1.5kw
On the heating power0.8kw
Under the heating power0.8kw
Heat sealing heating power0.7kw
Volume of air pump≥ 0.2㎡ / min
Air pump pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
Medicinal pVC specifications0.25-0.5 x 180 mm
pTp specifications0.02-0.035 x 180 mm
Dialysis paper50-100g x 180mm
Dimensions3050 × 590 × 1550 mm
Total Weight860 kg
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