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Blister Packing Machine

DPP-250FI Automatic Blister Packing Machine

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  DPP-250FI Automatic Blister Packing Machine  

Product Description

Main function: PVC mechanism forming, special automatic feeding, PTP alu foil plate sealing, perforation, embossing and blister cutting.Suitable al/pvc & al/al blister packing for tables, capsules, irregular tablets, etc.


1.DPP-250F1 Blister Packing Machine could fission pack to enter lift and division cleaning workshop, adopt column pin location, bolt-fixation, easy to serial production.

2.The die locate day location pin with precision, and press-board dress up.

3.Main motor adopt frequency control: (punch frequency is 50 times/min). It can enact corresponding punch frequency according to travel and full feeding easy or hard factor.

4.Adopt engine-hand nip draw station, running steadily, synchronization nicety, change travel and design the plate size at will on the range of 20-120mm.

5.Forming and heating plate close and open automatically, it could protract time to boot-strap after put down heating plate, limit wasting material less than one edition.

6.Air bed sealing, net-plate is hoisted by cylinder while stop. Avoid making blister metamorphose by heat radialization while settling, easy to clean the net-plate also, at the same time, play the role of buffer when over pressure, is propitious to prolong machine usage life.

7.Up-lower net-plate male and female work in heat-sealing, there are punctuate net-veins on the positive and negative(could line-pressurize also). Because two side stress are equality, make plate more level-up, improve pressurize capability as well.

8.Alarm and stop while PVC is out and discretion, easy to replace and add PVC on time for work man.

9.The feeding parts directly contact with product adopt STS316 stainless steel, other machine parts or frame are fabricated by STS304 stainless steel and accord with “GMP” request.

Technical Parameters

Punching speed20-50 strokes/min
Capacity80-200 blisters/min
Range of Stroke20-120 mm
Packing materialPharmacy PVC: (0.2-0.5)×250mm
 PTP alu foil: (0.02-0.05×250mm
Using requirementClean compressed air with 0.5~0.7MPa pressure.
 Air consumption ≥0.3m³/min
 Power: 380V 50HZ (220V 60Hz) 7.5KW
 Water chiller for moulds: Tap water or recycle water with 60L/h consumption
Overall dimension (L×W×H)3390×650×1650 mm
Net weight1700KG
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